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Nicki (born November 2, 1966 in Plattling , Deggendorf as Doris Andrea Hrda ) is a German percussionist and composer .

Nicki grew up with three brothers and two sisters in the Niederbayer Plattling. In 1982 she was discovered at a talent competition in Landshut by Gog Seidl and received a record contract. In 1983, her first single, Servus, made her guess , a hit in Bavarian dialect, the first success. Popstar Sandra thought of the nickname "Nicki". Nicki remained faithful to her dialect and had also achieved success with numerous other titles.

The pop music of the 1.52 m singer also contains elements from rock , calypso , motown soul , synth pop and country music . Nicki's greatest hits were composed by Harald Steinhauer and co- written by Helmut Frey . Nicki appeared in various television broadcasts of television, including 35 times in the ZDF-hit parade (1984 to 1996) - and gave several concerts.

 In 1996 she gave her debut as a presenter in the show The Great Wish Concert . In 1999, Nicki became a sponsor of the German childhood cancer foundation.
Then it was a bit quieter around Nicki. She withdrew from the show business and devoted herself to family life. In September 2006 she had a comeback with her new album: I gib again gas . This includes, among other things, a cover version of the German ESC album No, No Never by Texas Lightning in Bavarian dialect with the title Nie im Leben .

In December 2006 she ended her comeback for health reasons. All dates, including a tour planned for 2007, were canceled.
In 2008 Nicki had her 25-year stage jubilee and announced she wanted to work again in the music business. On 1 June 2008 she was awarded the ARGE Media Prize 2008 as part of the Bavarian Queen's Day in Lalling . She received the prize for her musical work and her social commitment. Nicki donated the prize of 2000 Euro to the heavily handicapped five-year-old Niko, who urgently needed a lift. For Niko, Nicki organized a charity concert in Deggendorf together with the band El Matadors on 14 September 2008. [1]
Since 2011 Nicki is the advertising face of the company Bielmeier in Prackenbach , which manufactures household appliances. [2]
In 2013, the singer celebrates her 30-year stage jubilee, and she gave two anniversary jubilees in Plattling. [3] In November 2013 she was awarded a Smago Award. [4]

On September 13th, 2015, Nicki took over the gold on the Sat.1 Gold show. The shooting took place on 6 August at the Fortress Marienberg, in the Hofgarten of the residence and in the vineyards in Würzburg.
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Nicki lives with her husband and her two daughters in Plattling. During the ARD broadcast The Summer Festival on the Lake with Florian Silver Iron on May 31, 2014, it was announced that Nicki had married her two years before. [5]
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Wegen dir
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Wenn I mit dir tanz
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