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Juli (German for "July") is a German alternative pop band from Gießen, Hesse, consisting of singer Eva Briegel, guitarists Jonas Pfetzing and Simon Triebel, bassist Andreas "Dedi" Herde and drummer Marcel Römer. The band was formed with this lineup from the band Sunnyglade in 2001.

In 1996 Sunnyglade fished formed without a female singer, as an all-male band, consisting of Andreas "Dedi" Herde, Martin Möller (drums), Jonas Pfetzing, Marcel Römer and Simon Triebel, who was also the singer. A female lead singer, Miriam Adameit, soon joined the band.

 With this lineup, they recorded an album called Pictures of My Mind (1998), which sold 500 copies. When Adameit and Möller decided to leave the band in 2000, they were joined by Eva Briegel and Marcel Römer, and the list of band members has not changed since. At that time, the group (still calling itself Sunnyglade) focused on writing and performing songs with English lyrics, and they enjoyed their first major success when they won the Hessischer Rockpreis 2000 and finished second in the Deutscher Pop-Preis contest.

After the signing of their first recording contract with EMI in early 2001, Sunnyglade started working on recordings with producer Lutz Fahrenkrog-Petersen. Soon the quintet decided to turn to songs with German lyrics. At this time they also abandoned the name Sunnyglade and all their songs, and renamed themselves Juli, which they chose from the song with the same name by another band from Berlin called Tex.

The band's first gigs as Juli took place in June 2002. They fished their first professional demo in October 2002 with producer Michael Gerlach. Due to the positive feedback of various record labels, their music publisher decided to organize a showcase, which occurred on January 16, 2003, at the Oxymoron in Berlin.

 Three months later, on April 24 Universal Music organized an "Unplugged Showcase" for several artists in front of a jury. Singer Eva Briegel and guitarist Jonas Pfetzing contributed four songs in the name of the band. Presumably their record contract was a result of that performance;

 they got the contract on the recommendation of an A&R rep who had seen them perform on January 16 and recommended them. In August 2003, four years after they had set that goal, they signed their first recording contract at Popkomm in Cologne.
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Perfekte Welle

Perfekte Welle" (German: Perfect wave), was the name of the first single of German pop/rock group Juli. It was the first release from their album, Es ist Juli, and peaked at number two in the German and Austrian single charts.
In December 2004, after the tsunami in south-east Asia, many German television and radio stations announced that they would no longer play the song as a mark of respect to the tsunami victims.

The song was released as a playable on-disc track in the European version of Rock Band and as a downloadable track in North America.
An Afrikaans version was released in South Africa by the group Shine4, called "Perfekte Wêreld" (Perfect World).
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Perfekte Welle Ty X9
Perfekte Welle Ty X9

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