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Willi Seitz

Willi Seitz (* 17 December 1957 in Wolfsegg ) is a German singer of popular music .

After school, Willi first learned the profession of the textile salesman . He also enjoyed a musical education at the Stadttheater in Regensburg . When in 1985 the drummer Hubert Zascha fell out of the original Naabtal duo , Willi Seitz jumped in. He understood immediately with his partner Wolfgang Edenharder , so the original Naabtal duo continued to perform in this formation. In 1988 the two won the Grand Prix of the national music with the song Patrona Bavariae . Willi Seitz and Wolfgang Edenharder began a successful career that lasted until 1993.

Then came the separation. Willi began a solokarriere. He founded a new formation "Willi Seitz and his friends", with which he had some great success. The group included Henny Knops, Frans Senden and Danny Winters. No less than the national music star Heino produced the group, followed by GG Anderson . In 2000 Willi Seitz took part in the Grand Prix of the national music and reached with If we hold together but only the 13th place of the German preliminary decision. Since 1993, Willi Seitz has been a guest in various television events.
In 2003, Willi and his former vocal partner Wolfgang Edenharder sat down at the table again to discuss the continuation of the original Naabtal duo. In October 2003 Willi and Wolfgang celebrated the music comeback of the year with the CD "We are back there" as the original Naabtal duo in the TV show "Herbstfest der Volksmusik". In April 2005, a new CD was released . An album is also planned for 2006.

On July 8, 2011, Willi Seitz presents a new solo album entitled " Wo zieh'n die Jahre " (" Where Going On"), which was released by MCP Sound & Media .

In 2011, Willi Seitz began the conception of a new duo project together with the percussionist Kay Dörfel . Under the name "Real Angels" both artists will release a joint Longplay CD in March 2013. But shortly afterwards, the project was finished.

In 2015 the single Ruck appeared to me a bit , a rather rocky folk number to which a video was also produced. The single was produced by Sascha Eibisch , known from the band " Relax " ("Weil i di mog").

Also for Christmas Willi Seitz took a German version of the Chris Rea -Hits Driving Home For Christmas : I go home to the Christmas festival , which was produced for Christmas CD Yo HO HO-A relaxed Christmas .

In 2016, Willi Seitz will go on tour together with Wolfgang Edenharder as the original Naabtal duo , including Marianne and Michael .
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