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Walter Scholz

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Walter Scholz (* 15 April 1938 in Helsen as Walter Günther Scholz ) has become a German musician and above all known as trumpeter . He has been married to a former singer of the Fischer choirs since 1989 and has a son with her. From his first marriage Walter Scholz has two sons and one daughter.

Walter Scholz already played in the Trombone Choir at the age of six. Later, he took music lessons with Franz Willy Neugebauer . After school he attended the orchestral school of Siegerland, where he took the state sex into music. At the age of 17 he was a trumpeter at the Staatstheater in Detmold . Further stations were Mainz , Darmstadt and the Munich Philharmonic . In 1962 he became the first trumpeter of the Sinfonieorchester of the Südwestfunks Baden-Baden . He also played frequently as a soloist.
In 1972, together with Rolf Schneebiegl and his brass orchestral master Schwarzwaldmusikanten, he published a long-playing record. His greatest hit from that time was The Devil's Tongue . Scholz appeared in several television broadcasts.

In 1984 he published a single with the longing melody composed by him. The title became a hit, which later was endorsed with a text and was interpreted by Harald Martin, the newcomer. After this success Walter Scholz published several solo albums with folk and classical melodies as solotrometer. Among them were numerous evergreens and some new compositions.
In 1987, Walter Scholz and his orchestra took part in the Grand Prix of Folk Music . With his title Musikantenmarsch he reached the 11th place. At the Grand Prix of the national music 1989 he tried once again with the German preliminary decision with the title Polka for 4 trumpets , but did not enter the final.

On the occasion of his 70th birthday Walter Scholz was honored with the title of Honorary Ambassador of the International Chorummplade. The award was presented to him on 15 April 2008 by the President of the Förderverein Interkultur eV Günter Titsch .
Walter Scholz is still to be seen and heard at popular events of radio and television as well as at events. Scholz lives today with his second wife Silvia in the Achern .
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