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XL song pack for: Have I Told You Lately? (Van Morrison)

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XL song pack for: Have I Told You Lately? (Van Morrison)
Have I Told You Lately? (Van Morrison)

Included are:

- Sheet music in pdf format in landscape format to  make better use of a widescreen monitor (in original and C key
- A suitable style (T5)
- 2 setup registrations (T5 or Genos)
- A readme file
- A midi file that I created while using the included sheet music and style

The included midi file can be a big help while learning to play the song since it is exactly following the sheet music.
You can use it to get a "feel" for the song or to help with difficult passages that you might come across in the sheet.
And last but not least for those who have problems with reading/using sheet music and therefore rather want to learn and play by ear.

Peter  :smiley-music022:
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