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A musical dedication to my Subscribers and Commenters - op. 4000

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A musical dedication to my Subscribers and Commenters - op. 4000
  Good morning Everyone  :musik01:
Today I posted my 4,000th composition on YouTube, with a dedication to subscribers and commentators.
    4,000 compositions equals 18,000 minutes or 300 hours of music or 12.5 days of continuous listening.
In 10 years, my compositions have been listened to about 320,000 times in over a hundred countries on several continents.
   For me, an amateur playing by ear, it is a great success, especially that I do not play covers, but only present my music.
10 years is 3,650 days, so 4,000 of my own compositions are 1.09 a day in my case.
    My motto: "A day without music is a day wasted" is true in this case because I haven't lost a day
Thank you for all your support and best regards.

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