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Wolfgang Edenharder

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Wolfgang Edenharder

Wolfgang Edenharder ( 10 April 1962 in Burglengenfeld ) is a German singer of popular music .

Wolfgang Edenharder studied accordion at the age of 8 and founded the original Naabtal duo in 1977 with Hubert Zaschka in Burglengenfeld. With the 1985 drummer Willi Seitz the original Naabtal Duo 1988 with the song Patrona Bavariae won the Grand Prix of the Volksmusik and became the most successful song of the national music history.

1993 followed the dissolution of the duo and both still had as solo interpreters hits and success to show. In October 2003 came the reunion at the autumn festival of the national music and with the album "We are back there" they celebrated their big comeback.
Wolfgang Edenharder himself composed the title song, as well as other titles, as a composer and lyricist for various other performers.
Wolfgang Edenharder is married to his wife Johanna. They have two children, Christian and Linda. Christian is a singer and keyboardist in the party band Sternenfänger .

I'd love to be your heartbeat in 1993

Thousand fires in 1998

Red roses will blossom in 1998

Nothing is for eternity 1999

When I look into your eyes 1999
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Wolfgang Edenharder - Rote Rosen werden bluhn
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