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Françoise Hardy

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Françoise Hardy

Françoise Hardy, from the registry office Françoise Madeleine Hardy (Paris, 17 January 1944), is a French singer-songwriter, writer and actress.

Françoise Hardy in 2012
Françoise Hardy is a singer-songwriter, made her debut in the music world at the age of 18 and achieved immediate success. After having been produced for six years on stage, he leaves the tour and concerts and, therefore, continues an essentially record-making career. On melancholic melodies, which she likes, Françoise Hardy's repertoire is largely a reflection of the doubts, questions and anxiety that arouse in her the torments of sentimental relationships and nostalgia in general.

Parallel to writing songs, she is interested in astrology, which she learns as a complement to psychology. She is the author of several books, in particular on astrology; she was also an actress, in minor roles or in cameos, sometimes in genre musicarello.

Françoise Hardy made her debut in 1962 with the single Tous les garçons et les filles, which she played on September 21 in the release Le Petit Conservatoire de la chanson by Mireille Hartuch and which was broadcast on Sunday 28 October on French television in the evening in one of the musical interludes in course of an electoral direct of great listening. The song becomes the banner of adolescent discomfort and ends up selling more than two million copies worldwide (in the Italian version it has the title "Quelli della mia età" and in the Netherlands it comes in fourth place). Françoise, in spite of himself, becomes one of the symbols of the yéyé generation and begins to reap successes at 45 rpm.

In 1963 he took part in the Eurovision Song Contest with L'amour s'en va and ranks fifth. In his career he has often sung in English, Italian, Spanish and German.

In Italy it was a great success in 1963 with the songs It's love that I think and The age of love that comes first in the standings and with the covers of his French songs Those of my age, which reaches the first position for three weeks , and love goes. In 1966 he also took part in the Sanremo Festival with Parlami di te sung together with Edoardo Vianello. His songs include La Maison où j'ai grandi, a cover of Il ragazzo della via Gluck by Adriano Celentano. In 1967 he released the compilation Antoine & Françoise (Vogue / Jolly LPJ 5077) with 6 songs by Antoine (on the A side) and 6 songs by Françoise (on the B side) and in 1969 he released Il Prestoesto (CGD FGS 5052), Italian version of 'album Comment you say adieu. In 1970 in the music video Il Pretesto also appears a young Renato Balestra, well-known Italian fashion designer, already famous at the time.
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Je changerais d'avis - Françoise Hardy

Françoise Hardy recorded the French version, Je changerais d'avis, included in the album La maison ou j'ai grandi.
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La Maison ou J'ai Grandi - Françoise Hardy

La maison où j'ai grandi is a studio album of French pop singer Françoise Hardy. It was released in France in November 1966, on LP, Disques Vogue/Vogue international industries (CLD 702-30). Published without title, except for the word Françoise on the cover, but has become known by the title of the most successful song on the album, "La maison où j'ai grandi" ("The House where I Grew Up")
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