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Romance Latino Style pack adjusted for T5

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Romance Latino Style pack adjusted for T5

Attached are the (slightly modified) styles from the SX900 expansion pack called Romance Latino. Since the SX900 makes use of a different audio engine as far as I know and due to the fact that some effects are not available on the Tyros 5 (and perhaps also Genos), At least for me the OTS of all styles were way too loud. I adjusted the volume of the OTS to be more suitable and did the same for some style parts that were too loud (mostly electric guitar parts).

I added and adjusted some dsp effects where I thought they were needed and replaced some voices and drumkits with better suited ones from the T5. Most OTS voices however stayed the same since even though they were mostly legacy the combinations were very nicely chosen.

These styles originally do not contain build in multipads since they are added when using the pack registrations to pick the pads in the expansion pack. I wasn't very impressed with those pads and on top of that did not want to lose a pad due to wrong locations. So all pads are now fitting Tyros 5 preset multipads loaded when the style itself is loaded, If you do want to use the expansion pack pads you can do that manually or by building a registration to do that for you. The original pads from the pack are included in the zip file for your convenience,

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