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River of Dreams - Billy Joel Style File

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River of Dreams - Billy Joel Style File
Hi Guys,

Looking for  Yamaha Style file for River Of Dreams & You May Be Right - by Billy Joel.

Would appreciate if someone can share


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Re: River of Dreams - Billy Joel Style File
Here is your first request: River of dreams Yamaha song style.

It was an issue which was requiered to be solved. In song are   brake parts long only 2/4 measure on 3 places . So I was forced to create whole style in 2/ 4 measure ( not in 4/4 as usual). So do not rush with Fill in parts . But in song was also some  a 4/4 measure break parts . I made this 2 measure long 2/2  brake parts as INTRO 1.

Song style has no Fade out in ENDING .

For correct chord progresion use chords from

I hope you wil find usefull this style, I personally am not very proud on it...... ( could be better :73:).

Now back in winter sleep  :bedtime2: .
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