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How my compositions are made - improvisations

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How my compositions are made - improvisations
Good morning :musik01:
While creating the latest improvisation, I thought I could write how it was made. This is music that is not listened to every day, and for me it is a stepping stone from life's problems. It's the music of the soul.
    The whole composition lasts 5 minutes and 55 seconds. :smiley-music021:

    To record it, I had to prepare the style, adapting it to my needs.
When that happened, I chose the menu from my black Tyros 4 Digital Recording, turned on the recording and started the game. I remind you that all my compositions are improvisations, recorded "live" during the creation of the melody.
    What did I have to do during these nearly six minutes?
1. Imagine that I am the conductor of this orchestra that is to play a new song. At the same time, I played the first violin;
2. Change the rhythmic waveforms, adding pads at the right moment and at the same time creating a melody;
3. Be careful during improvisation so that the created melody would be interesting for future listeners;
4. Make the composition not too long;
5. Make the melody come into being in accordance with the musical convention, which imposes the style of accompaniment;
6.To change the chords so that they are consistent with the melodic line and do not cause harmonic dissonance;
     Uf .... that's all ....
After six minutes I had a finished, recorded song in WAV format ...
After removing the headphones after recording, I felt like a conductor after a bust. It is a very pleasant feeling and a great satisfaction.
     As a reminder I will add that I do not play notes and do not know chords. I do everything intuitively.
In this way over 3200 of my compositions were created.
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