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Die Campbells

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Die Campbells
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The brothers Harry and Tony Campbell were both born in Cape Town. Their English speaking father, Harry Campbell Senior, taught his sons to play various musical instruments and provided them with musical inspiration at a young age.
The Campbell’s mother, Sandra, was raised in Pretoria in an Afrikaans home. Sandra encouraged her sons to be fully bilingual.

Like most children the Campbell’s attended government schools. Harry matriculated in 1993 and went on to study Motor Mechanics and Electrician Work.
Tony matriculated in 1994 and then obtained a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering as well as Financial Concepts and Marketing Management.
Many school bands and friendships were formed during their school years. Although a primary school band could not be considered professional the slick performances by the bands attracted many followers and earned the band members a reasonable amount of pocket money. During high school the brothers realised that it would only be the two of them that would put the effort in, to go all the way. It was at this stage that the Campbell Brothers had officially become a duo and in 1995 the brothers were considered a proffessional music group.

During their tertiary education the Campbells invested in recording studio equipment and commenced audio recordings on a part time basis. At this stage Harry was a gifted guitarist and Tony played drums, keyboards and was the lead vocalist in the group. Every year the Campbells improved musically and performed more frequently, often to bigger audiences.

During 1999 the brothers met Kosie van Niekerk, the owner of Select Music. Kosie asked if they would record material for his record label and the Campbells agreed. In 2000 Kosie proceeded to sign the Campbells as artists with Select Music and released their debut album “You’re My Mate” during 2001. Immediately there was talk about the new young South African cowboys that performed country, rock ‘n roll and pop dance music. The Campbells appealed to both the English and Afrikaans markets and decided to write and produce a few Afrikaans songs. Their second album “Rooi Rok Bokkie” was an instant hit and achieved more than 100 000 CD sales.

In 2003 the Campbells became a houshold name and the most successful touring act of the year with more the 200 live performances, 60 flights and 180 000 km of road travel in a calendar year. The album “Jy’s Die Girl” was released in 2003 and was predictably a huge success, but their 2004 release “Daar’s Iets Innie Water” rocked the South African music industry with the massive hit “Bietjie Bietjie Lam”. Once again the Campbells surpassed album sales of more than 100 000 units and became one of a handful of South African artists to have two double platinum selling albums.

17 albums and 7 DVD’s later the Campbells have established themselves as South Africa’s favourite music group and have sold more than 800 000 CD’s & DVD’s. Songs like Bietjie Bietjie Lam, Vat My Vas, Burger Dance, Sewe Soene, Mamma Maria, Yvonne, Fanta & Cola, Stoutgat and Rooi Rok Bokkie will always be remembered.

In 2009 the brothers teamed up with Spur to record Hillbilly Rock. Now a theme song and dance in all Spur restaurants in South Africa.

In 2010 the Campbells won a SAMA with their album Mamma Maria for the Best Sokkie Dans Album. They have also won 3 VAMT awards as well as 16 Gold, 7 Platinum, 3 Triple Gold & 2 Double Platinum sales awards. These well deserved awards cements their place within the South African music industry.

In 2012 the Campbells celebrated their 12th professional year in the South African recording industry and after seeing out their record contract with Select Music they started up their own record label - Campbell Records and released the album Voet In Die Hoek.

Now firmly in control of their musical careers the brothers released their 15th CD “Fanta & Cola”. The album is packed with hit songs like: “Vlinders” and “Stoutgat”. Many of the songs from the album also reached number 1 on radio stations around South Africa and the album achieved gold status with sales exceeding 20 000 by September 2014.

During November 2014 the Campbells celebrated their 15th year in the South African music industry by recording their latest DVD – Bapsfontein Live. The DVD comprizes of all the Campbells most popular hits (50 Songs, 125 minutes, 9 piece band and a whole lot of fun). Bapsfontein Live also achieved gold status with sales exceed 12000 copies during October 2015.

Due to the constant demand for the Campbells country music they released a double CD: “Homegrown Country” in 2015. It consists of the most current chart-topping country hits as well as the evergreen country favourites produced in the popular Campbells sound.

Most recently the Campbells released yet another hit filled album. “Bloed Is Dikker As Water” was available in music stores from 1 October 2016.

The radio singles: “Love At First Sight”, “Burning Up” and “Beloftes” have already received extensive airplay on radio stations across the country. The duet “Beloftes" (featuring Afrikaans singer Cordelia) is currently charting at #1 on many Afrikaans Top20 radio programs.

The smash hits “Bloed Is Dikker As Water” and “Boertjie Jam” were both co-written by the Campbells and renown Afrikaans singer songwriter Gerhard Steyn, and are on their way to become the most popular songs in South Africa this year.

The album is packed with original content and the stories told within the lyrics of “Die Vuil Kyk”, “Huisgenoot”, “Wittebrood” and “Hofmeyr” are sure to intrigue music fans.
For a bit of familiarity the Campbells have included two medleys as well as remixed recordings of the popular songs: “Hillbilly Rock” and “Stoutgat”.

When asked what makes this one unique Tony Campbell says “It is our most technically produced album to date, with the detailed guitar work that our fans have come to enjoy, and super sing-along-songs. It’s also full of great stories, told through songs that are easy to enjoy."

“Bloed Is Dikker As Water” is the Campbells 17th Studio recorded album, and promises not to be the last. With both Tony Campbell and Harry Campbell having co-written most of the original songs, you can be guaranteed of the Campbells signature sense of fun, and music for young and old!

Over the years The Campbells have also performed in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Their music videos are readily available on youtube and they would love to see you at their next performance.
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