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FastBebop - op.3500

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FastBebop - op.3500
Hello, Friends  :musik01:
I am very pleased that I can present my composition number 3500 at this excellent Forum.
I've waited several years for this.
All of my improvised compositions are 15750 minutes long, or 262 hours of music continuously.
If someone wanted to listen to all the compositions, it would take over 11 days (24 hours each).
Composition number 3500 is a simple improvisation based on the FastBebop style.
There is only a simple rhythm section and a piano + piano pads.
Hope you like it.
The photos show the city I live in.

Best wishes.
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Yamaha PSR 450, Roland BK-5 Ketron SD 5 and now Tyros 4 black edition...



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