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Juan Pardo

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Juan Pardo
Juan Pardo


Juan Ignacio Pardo Suárez ( Palma de Mallorca , November to November of 1942 ), known artistically as Juan Pardo , is a singer and composer Spanish . Although a Majorcan by birth, Pardo grew up in Galicia . He was one of the figures of musical history in Spain, since in addition to his great solo success, he had been part of some of the groups of the 1960s .

 He also promoted and composed songs later for other great singers such as Los Pecos , Rocío Jurado , Luz Casal , Xil Ríos, Camilo Sesto , Andrés do Barro , Chiquetete , Manolo Galván , Massiel or Juan Camacho , among others.

 In addition, he composed some of the great successes of Marisol (Pepa Flores) in the 70s, as is the case of "Mamy Panchita", "That summer" or "My ranch".

He was one of the singer-songwriters with the most recorded songs. In 2003, coinciding with the release of his latest studio album, Lúa Chea , the EMI label revealed that he is the composer that generates the most copyright to the SGAE .
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