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XiQingLuoGu - 3270 improvisation

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XiQingLuoGu - 3270 improvisation
     I am still in my compositions in the circle of music based on Chinese and Japanese styles.
      Last night I recorded this improvised composition which I dedicate to all who like this kind of music.
In one composition I try to reconcile the style of the West with the music of the Far East contained in the introduction and decorate everything with a Slavic note.
     I like the styles I'm working on right now because they have that "something" that really inspires me to create my own music.
     You'll see how it sounds when you hear it.
In the slide show I tried to combine photos with music into a coherent whole.
      Instruments used in the composition: Flute, Banjo, Duda, Fiddle, Oud and in the style of preset sounds: Oud and Yang Chin.
    Best regards and thank you for your attention.
I hope you enjoy my "Chinese" music.
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