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Antonie Kamerling

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Antonie Kamerling

Anthonie Willem Constantijn Gneomar "Antonie" Kamerling (25 August 1966 6 October 2010) was a Dutch television and film actor, and musician. He was member of the original cast of the Dutch soap opera Goede tijden, slechte tijden. He played in the films The Little Blonde Death (1993), All Stars (1997), and I Love You Too (2001). He also had starring roles in Dutch musical productions. Kamerling committed suicide in 2010.

Kamerling was still a law student when in 1990 he was cast in the then new Dutch soap opera Goede tijden, slechte tijden. His character, Peter Kelder, quickly became one of the most popular on the program.

In 1993, he got the lead in The Little Blonde Death, directed by Jean van de Velde. At the time, his casting was quite controversial, as soap actors were considered to be inferior to 'professional' actors. Kamerling eventually got nominated for a Gouden Kalf for best actor, the most important Dutch film award.

In 1997, he starred in another film by Van de Velde, All Stars. For the film, about an amateur football team, he sang the theme song, "Toen ik je zag" (When I Saw You), written by the popular Dutch singer Guus Meeuwis. The song was released as a single under his character's name, Hero, and soon was a number one hit on the Dutch charts. From that moment on, he tried to get a music career, but could never repeat the success of his first single.

After that point, Kamerling played in a couple more films, the most successful being I Love You Too (2001), and in television series like All Stars De Serie and Onderweg naar Morgen. Later in his career, he played in a couple of musicals, including starring roles in the musical versions of Turkish Delight and Sunset Boulevard.
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Antonie Kamerling Toen ik je Zag

Deze song kwam ik per ongeluk tegen en heb deze song altijd mooi gevonden

En Nu heb ik er een zet van gemaakt perfecte song

En de style is erg goed mooie style
Alleen geen midi file ik heb deze song vanaf de bodem moeten maken ik had helemaal niets.
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