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The new freeware tool "SongList V1.1B"

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The new freeware tool "SongList V1.1B"
Hello music friends,

The new freeware tool "SongList V1.1B" with Howto and Video (similar to Songbook +) is now available for download on my website: "".

It needs OS: Windows7 / 8/10 64 Bi
Main features:
1. The basis of the program are the registrations, which are automatically imported and linked via the respective name with PDFs and text files.
2. The main registration contents (bank) regardless of the keyboard type are displayed in the expanded view and can be partially accessed.
   Thus one can very quickly also display different keyboard registrations and use the respective settings on his own keyboard.
3. By double-clicking on an entry, the registration on the keyboard is called up and the PDF / texts are displayed. (The use of multiple screens is supported).
4. Any number of song lists and the addition of entries are possible by a simple double-click.
5. Rename benches and memory places as well as show or hide memory places with or without name.
6. Synchronization between the keyboard and computer or stick.
7. A music finder with the ability to import / export CSV files and convert to My Keyboard Type is integrated.
   (Only style of the respective keyboard can be used)
8. Double-clicking on an entry calls up the corresponding rhythms on the keyboard with the corresponding settings.
9. The databases each contain 64,000 records (registrations / music scores).

Greetings Robot2001
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