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Jesse Green

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Jesse Green
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Jesse Green (born Locksley Alphonso Green, 5 July 1948) is a Jamaican reggae and disco musician.

He was born in the parish of St. James, Jamaica. Green attended Denham Town Primary School and became a musician, listening to the sound systems, especially the one belonging to Count Barrett.

Green was a member of The Pioneers and drummed with Jimmy Cliff in the 1970s, before launching only career in 1976.  He scored an international hit with a remix of his "Nice and Slow", and also scored several hits in the US and the UK.
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Nice And Slow - Jesse Green

very beautiful and very successful song by Jesse Green internationally recognized for the musical success of 1976, "Nice & Slow". Later, Green played two other hits, Flip and Come With Me, but gradually, Green was losing popularity in the music business.
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