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Christina Stürmer

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Christina Stürmer

Christina Stürmer (born 9 June 1982) is an Austrian pop/rock singer.[1][2] After working at a bookshop in Linz and singing in several bands, she reached #2 in Starmania, an Austrian music casting TV show. Her first song was "Ich lebe" (I'm Alive) released in 2003, which was very successful in Austria and was followed by several #1 hits.

In 2004 the song "Vorbei" (Over) reached the German Top 100, and in April 2005, a new version of "Ich lebe" was produced especially for the German and Swiss market. That song reached very high positions in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, making Christina Stürmer well known in the German-speaking countries. 2006 was her most successful year. She sold more than 1.5 million copies of her CDs in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
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