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Kate Bush
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Kate Bush, born Catherine Bush (Welling, 30 July 1958), is a singer-songwriter, composer, dancer, mime and British record producer.

Known for its sopranile voice, it has had international success since its debut in 1978 with the hit Wuthering Heights inspired by the eponymous novel by Emily Brontë. The song remained at number one in the charts of almost the entire planet, including Italy, as well as making them earn a commendation from the Brontë Society. In addition to this track, there have been other successes that have climbed the heights of international rankings over the years such as Babooshka, Moving, Running Up That Hill, The Sensual World, The Man with the Child in His Eyes, Do not Give Up (paired with Peter Gabriel).

Considered perhaps the most eclectic and talented English artist, and according to journalistic reviews, the singer-songwriter with the most conspicuous heritage of the whole United Kingdom, was introduced into the recording environment by the friend David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, who recognized his talent and financed his first demo sessions, attracting the attention of his record company, EMI. Since then they have often worked together, both on occasional projects and in concert.

In the early years of his adolescence Kate studied dance, mime, and continued his musical studies at the piano started at the age of only 5 years. Between 1973 and the year of debut the artist has the opportunity to compose some of those that were his first successes: Moving dedicated to the master Lindsay Kemp, formerly David Bowie's master, belonging to the debut album The Kick Inside , extracted as a single and number 1 in Japan; Them Heavy People also single and which reached the third place in the standings, The Man with the Child in his Eyes which also reached the third position, in addition to more than 200 demos, most of which never published, and become object of worship by the fans. [citation needed]

She was the first female artist to reach the top position in the English charts with an album, Never for Ever, and later with several others throughout her career. It is also the only (to 2013) to have had at least one album in top 5 in five consecutive decades. With his singular style, Kate Bush has influenced the music of many other artists, from Tori Amos to Björk, from Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins to Sinéad O'Connor, from The Cure to The Futureheads (the latter have made a cover of the song Hounds of Love) up to Tricky.

Even in his early work where the piano was the primary instrument, Bush has gathered different influences, fusing classical music, rock and a wide range of ethnic and folk sounds. More than one critic used the term "surreal" to describe his music. The non-apologetic use of the voice is one of its distinguishing traits. He dealt with sensitive subjects and taboos long before it was "fashionable"; Kashka from Baghdad is a song about a homosexual couple, a theme also present in the song Wow; Breathing analyzes the consequences of a nuclear disaster. His texts are full of cultured and sometimes relatively obscure quotations, such as the reference to Wilhelm Reich in Cloudbusting, or G. I. Gurdjieff in Them Heavy People.

He worked with Peter Gabriel on two of his albums (in both cases contributing to successful hits: Games Without Frontiers and Do not Give Up); Gabriel also appeared in a special television show about her in 1979, dueting in Another Day, a song that had to be produced as a single with a video already filmed and visible in the special with Kate and Peter that as a result of misunderstanding put an end to their love affair . The single that should have had the song Ibiza as its B side, was no longer launched, but the video remains inside the special, considered by critics well managed and touching. [Citation needed] Roy Harper is another frequent collaborator of Kate Bush : appears in his song Breathing and Bush appears in the albums of Harper HQ, Once (both also with Gilmour) and The Unknown Soldier.

He has often sung in duets with Midge Ure, Big Country and other artists on their albums. Many important artists have worked with her on some of her most recent albums, starting with rock guitarist Jeff Beck, guitarist Ian Bairnson, jazz / rock drummer Stuart Elliot, classical guitarist John Williams, folk artists Trio Bulgarka, Prince and Elton John.
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Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush
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Wuthering Heights is the first single by British singer Kate Bush in the 1978 debut album The Kick Inside; she was re-recorded by the artist eight years later for the compilation The Whole Story. The song reached the first place in the charts of almost the whole world, including Italy.

The single record with the song for the launch of the long playing - whose recording sessions began in the summer of 1977 - was released on 20 January 1978 by the EMI record company. The song has a duration of 4 minutes and 30 seconds. On the B side is contained the song Kite (in English the word means kite, and a kite is precisely depicted on the cover of 45 laps).

Bush wrote this song at the age of eighteen after witnessing the 1970 film cut - Wuthering Heights, directed by Robert Fuest - of the eponymous novel written by Emily Brontë and published in 1847.

Struck in particular by the final sequences of the film, the singer decided to read the novel, finding that she had in common with the author of the book on the day of birth, July 30. Subsequently, the same Kate Bush has told of having composed the song, destined to be part of his debut album, during a few hours at night, spent watching the moon from a window of their room in search of inspiration

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