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A musical dedication to Rob Callenbach.

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A musical dedication to Rob Callenbach.
Hi, Rob :musik01:
      It is with great pleasure that I dedicate the latest composition to you - Waltz - French Musette, as my thank you to you for the beautiful words about my musical work. They really inspired me.
    I apologize for technical defects but this is spontaneous improvisation and my fingers are not as efficient as a few decades ago.
Thank you again and best regards
    Have a nice day, Rob
With the words of the highest respect :c017:

#1 - July 16, 2018, 07:24:01 AM
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Re: A musical dedication to Rob Callenbach.
I am thank ful to you and of course i have listen  to this song, and i must say it again many people are a little bit jealous on you.

It is really good played, not many can play the keys like you do

It sound really professional, and without Notation , i know there are more people like you ,

I can tell you i can not do that whiteout Notation, i always need my Notation, of course i can play something out of my head  but not so much.

But you can and for me is that special, and this is not that i want be friendly to you.

I judge you music in full honesty, for me you are a very good player, tobat it is not really my style of music

But i know many people love your style of music

I say it again for me you are a great player,  and a special player ,  i have many students when i was a professional teats er.

But nobody play like you , and what other people say , dont listen to it you are a good player.


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