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Gloria Them Van Morrison

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Gloria Them Van Morrison
This song i played the time i was young and i play in a band, i play on that time the guitar,

Yes i have also study the guitar and also the drums.

in the past i play also in a big band and walk on the streets with a big band i play on the drums,

And i was also a good drummer i also read the drum Notation

And on that time i played in differed bands, guitar Bass Guitar   accordion  ,

i stop with guitar and drums  because that are instruments you v=can not really play alone .

you need more people than it will sound right

And for me the guitar was nice but not my instrument

but the Organ that was my instrument.

Later i get my First keyboard  and there go open a complete new world.

The synthesizer and Keyboard world

And i was sold , the Organ become many synthesizers and keyboards .

A couple years later i buy a Organ again , i think i miss my Organ to much

That was A Yamaha  E90  A very big concert Organ

But i was wrong thinking , the Organ was really Past for me, i play a short time on it and i sell it again.

The keyboard world that was it for me, many keyboards synthesizers i get in my hands.

And now i have for me the best keyboard synthesizer on this world .

I am for the first time done with looking buying selling  ,

I have peace now , not looking on the internet for a better instrument there is noting betters

I get all the biggest keyboard and synthesizer from every brand.

My Genos i love him to Much i play the hole day on him he never bore me .

Wow i am a lucky man this instrument is so expensive, but i own him he is my and i love him every time i become happy when i play on him

 More Here on the Artist

The Yamaha Genos[/move]

But ok i talk again to much

This song i was playing in my band and i love this song and still i love this song Thans for this song

I make a pdf file for this song

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