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Yamaha - SD5
Andrea Sannino
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July 2017 - his single "Abbracciame" is from 12 months to the 1st place or always on the podium of the special Spotify ranking "Sound of Naples" - a Top 100 of the most listened to music in the city and reaches more than 2 million total web views .

 .May 2017 guest of the last episode of Made in South, duet with Gigi D'Alessio in Abbracciame. In the same month comes out the video of Uānema, last single of the album of the same name.

ˇ January 2016 he won the "Nativity in the world" award, a section dedicated to Mario Da Vinci, presented by the non-profit organization "Oltre il cloister" during the Epiphany Concert, broadcast on Raiuno by the Mediterranean Theater of Naples.

ˇ December 31st 2016 is one of the official New Year's guests at Piazza del Plebiscito organized by the Municipality of Naples and Radio Kiss Kiss, with over 200,000 people in the square.
In the cast as well as Andrea Sannino, the Stadio, Tiromancino, Clementino, Franco Ricciardi and Valerio Jovine.
ˇ On December 7th 2016, the reissue of the album entitled "Uānema Deluxe Edition" is released, which contains the original album, 3 live tracks taken from the concert at the Palapartenope + the cover of "'A Canzuncella" tribute to the Alumni del Sole.
ˇ On July 8th 2016 "Uānemalive" stops at the Teatro Plapartenope - Casa della Musica in Naples, closing the theater tour of the show after 7 sold-out stages around Campania.
ˇ November 2015 presents at La Feltrinelli in Piazza Garibaldi in Naples, "Uānema!" his second album of 15 unreleased tracks, produced by Andrea Sannino, Mauro Spenillo and Pippo Seno with Zeus record label.

ˇ July 2015 is published "Abbracciame" (A.Sannino - M.Spenillo)

ˇ From October 2014 to July 2015 is on stage at the Teatro Augusteo in Naples among the protagonists of the first musical written and directed by Alessandro Siani, "Stelle a half" for Tunnel Productions, (with Sal Da Vinci), interpreting Lele.

ˇ From January 2014 from an idea by Andrea Sannino with Mauro Spenillo and Gianni Simioli, the #dilloinnapoletano project was born, launched daily by "La Radiazza" radio program of Radio Marte, it consists in translating pieces of the national repertoire in the Neapolitan language. attached link:

ˇ February 2013 staged at the Teatro Trianon in Naples and November 2013 at the Teatro Totō in Naples, is antagonist in "Quartieri Spagnoli", a musical written, directed and performed by Gianfranco Gallo, interpreting Ciciniello.

ˇ From June 2010 to May 2011, the master Claudio Mattone, chooses him as the protagonist of the new edition of the very important musical "C'era una volta Scugnizzi" written by Mattone and Enrico Vaime, interpreting the role of courage priest Don Saverio, under directed by Claudio Mattone, and choreography by Gino Landi.

The musical is staged throughout Italy with more than 100 performances, from the Augusteo in Naples, to the Sistina theater in Rome, up to Rossetti in Trieste.

ˇ In 2010 he writes and composes, together with the musician Emanuele Nerino, his first album entitled "Senza Accordi", in which there is the beginning of the artistic collaboration with the lyricist Bruno Lanza. ˇ In September 2009, it is at the end of the FESTIVAL DI PIEDIGROTTA 2009, an important and historic Neapolitan festival, with the artistic direction of Enzo Avitabile, with the song PE 'L'ETA' CHE TENGO

ˇ From September 2006 until 2012, after a program on RAI 1 duets with the great Maestro Lucio Dalla, he begins an artistic and life journey, which he sees for 6 years, to duet with him, in many concerts, including the white night in Naples, up to its last stages in Campania, before its premature death. The teacher was a point of reference, a friend and a great teacher for Andrea.
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Yamaha - SD5
Abbracciame - Andrea Sannino
Abbracciame - Andrea Sannino

Andrea Sannino is 34 years old, from Ercolano, where he still lives, ... made center with ĢAbbracciameģ, song written with Mauro Spenill
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  pdf  abbracciame

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