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The Yamaha Genos

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The Yamaha Genos
I Know And know the Yamaha Genos better and better.

I play 8 hours till 13 hours a day on it , for the rest of the day i do my sport and do the home work, because of my sickness i can not go to work.

My sickness dont let me do heavy tings  , but i can do something i clean the house every day my woman works many time and i do everything at home, do shopping , the garden i take care of the laundry , cooking i also do but i am not really a good cooker

but i do my best.

My woman only clean the dust she say i forget many things when i dust the house.

And everyday i am on the bicycle to train myself , for my healthy and go one hour to the gym.

And for the rest i install my Genos , try new tings also change the sound incite and change the styles, a little bit i never make complete new styles, that i never have done , but in the Genos a other rithm drum kid and your style become really new, and go on

If you know your Genos better and better , you can make from a not so good style a complete new style that you like more and more

But you need to know how you must do that, the effeckten group in The Genos let you do everything with the drums and the sound,

You can let him sound how you want , there is noting you can not change.

That is why i always say learn to work with your keyboard take some time to learn to work with him

And than you will see why you need more styles sounds enz enz you can do it by your self.

I have so much software styles and everything sounds go on multi pads.

And for the rest tweak your style sound multipad the can really sound as new.

I never buy much software , it is expensive  , and the most of the time not so special, after a little looking to your software and you never see it again so much software Yamaha have

But Ok i work now a longer time with the Genos, i know him better and better , everything in my Genos works perfect i see no any  bug or something i thing there are bugs but i dont see them.

Tomorrow i get a new  pa Boxen set, i not know how the will sound the real Genos pa set i dont trust it 2 i have sent back the cable is really not easy to put in and i not want damage something

I have now order 2 monitors studio the say the sound really good , tomorrow i will she i have now 2 computer speakers  but the not give the right sound of the Genos


But I am stil really Happy with my Yamaha Genos he is always with me you can say day and night.

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Re: The Yamaha Genos
wow wow and wow so much better now, the Genos is happy now, i have it a view months now,

And the sound was ok with the Creative boxen, but i always think i miss something.

I have looking good on the internet about good speakers fro the Genos, read many reviews.

Call diff rend people the most say come to the store and you can test them and listen to everything.

But I have no good experience with listen in a store it is never the same as at home.

Weeks i am busy for finding the right person that can tell me what is good enough for the Genos.

Thursday i call a store Keymusic in Holland.

The have a sound specialist  he knows everything about keyboards and the sound systems.

and i tell him my problem and told him nobody can really tell me what i need for the Genos.

But that man can and he help me i talk 30 minutes with him. that is me i always talk to much,

But this man enplane to me what i can do the best.

I say the Original Genos speakers i not like 2 cable i break and i not even have hear the speakers.

He say with honest what i must buy , in the same price range of the Original Genos speakers

He say if you buy this speaker set than you have the best sound for this price.

Also he say if you not like it you can sent them back and get your money back with no any problem

But he say wait when you hear them than you get the real Genos sound.

The are much and much better as the Original Genos speakers.

I remember i have the tyros speakers before and the also dont sound really good, that is the same with the Original Genos speakers the sound is ok but really not good.

But ok i go on and on talk to much i am really sorry that is ho i am

i install the speakers and wow a world go open so a good sound , i think 3 times better as my Creative speakers

Really a good sound the bass perfect the middle perfect and also hig really perfect.

wow so much better sound i have now .

this is the real Genos so much better.

I am really happy with the sound and the look i love the look also


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Re: The Yamaha Genos
Yes believe me with the right speakers your instrument sound so much better.

I have now play a long time with my new speakers From KRK  and that man have right it sound really so much better.

And the sounds i always think to miss in the creative speakers.

Every detail in The Genos styles i hear now and that is a lot differed as before i can tell you,

And that man also say to me The speakers hang them on ear highness  , than it sound really so good.

first the are some lower as my ears , and i put my head down on ear highness and yes so much different

I have not real standards for it  the little space next to my Genos one box is on the table but much to low.

I have special standards So i can make them in the wall but we have change everything in the house new  furniture.

New  wallpaper every were and new painting on the doors new floor .

Everything is new, and my woman dont want i make holes in the wall.

She say everything is new look for a other option to place the speakers.

The speaker must place higher 25 cm   i take a kind of bucket and sett the box on.

My woman will not like it when she wake up , but she say think how you want place the speakers and do it with out making holes in the wall.

I think she will not like it i have beautiful black speaker brackets to hang them on the wall the really new.

but ok that is one speaker and the other one i place on a sheet music standard a black one and you can place it very high

And now both speakers are on ear highness and now the sound really good every detail you hear now from the Genos,

Now i can say the Genos have now the speakers he earned.

Yes i think i make the right choice the sound really good.

My Woman knows me she know ho i am everything for my music , music is my life this i will past away, and she knows it.

She dont really like music instruments , but she always listen to me, and careful she listen , when i am writing music and she hears something that is not good she say you play out of tone and than she have fun with herself.

But she knows me she is my biggest fan even she not like music instruments.

When i make a  a boring song  wow she walk away and go smoking out site .

I say a musician must can play and make every song ,

But ok i talk again to much ,

My speakers work perfect i have now the sound i was looking for, and i see of my woman like it when she com out bed.

for me it is no any problem i have were i want them nor perfect but for me good enoufg hahahahah :cheer:

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Re: The Yamaha Genos
bravo  :cool2: pour l'achat de tes enceintes ,moi je me suis acheter récemment le genos avec les hs 7 Yamaha, une tuerie vraiment, :58:
sa sonne merveilleusement bien ,l’équilibre parfait ,elles font bien ressortir les moindres details des sonorités du genos ,un régal !  :angel:
jouer avec les sons de pianos du genos c'est très beaux ,superieur et meilleur que sur mon ancien tyros 5 .
a chacun a ca propre oreilles musicalement   teddy
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Re: The Yamaha Genos
Je sais que les yamaha sont très bons pour les génos, mais je n'ai pas besoin d'un subwoofer avec le Hs7, et c'est pourquoi je choisis pour ces enceintes,

Les sont bons bas moyen et haut,

Mais comme je dis que j'ai écouté les gens, que dire des haut-parleurs.

La série Yamaha est un long chemin maintenant, mais aussi très bien.

écoutez dans le magasin je ne veux pas parce que ce n'est jamais le même qu'à la maison.

je ne joue pas sur scène, c'est seulement chez moi,

et je sais qu'il y aura de meilleurs orateurs

pour le meilleur prix pour le génos. beaucoup mieux que les haut-parleurs originaux Genos.
mais comme je l'ai dit plus d'argent, mieux les haut-parleurs deviennent.

But What you think of The Genos have i right of have i right.

You are the happy owner of the best instrument on this world, take good care of your Genos.

and try to know him good the better he will help you in everything you do

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Re: The Yamaha Genos
merci de ton commentaire  ;) prochainement je donnerai mes impressions sur le genos ,
 j'ai rêver d'un clavier comme le genos ,il répond a toutes mes inspirations musicaux  . :cool2:
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Re: The Yamaha Genos
yes  if you have a genos you really need noting else, there is noting he can not do, in my hole life i was waiting on this instrument, i buy an buy so many instruments, what i say is really true , maybe sombody els think differend, but for me this is the instrument were i am waiting for he is good in every style,

and i think you also have him believe me with the genos you have everyting.

every time i play and now with the new speakers , more as before this is really top.

If you have the Genos , try to work with it learn to know him very well , and he will do everything for you .

He is good in everything, i am a real synthesizer lover i have many before the Genos but now it is enough he is so good in   synthese.

In everything he is good , if you have a tyros and you go to the Genos you never want go back believe me, no any machine can do what he can do,  No Roland No Korg  And go on i have them all before.

The Yamaha  Genos  is the best machine , The Media also say it and if the Media say it , you can believe :cool2: it.

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