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My Own Midi files

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My Own Midi files
I must tell it again, the Midifiles i place are not normal midi files.

It is for making  the song easyer to play and study the song

first is what i do with a midi file i make always a better scale for the song, a easy scale for the song

with on flat or one sharp or no sharp and no flat

sometimes the midi is make in 5 sharps 6 sharps     5 flats    6 flats that is not for everybody easy to read

I make it always easy ere for the people and than  than i listen to the midifile very good and i play with the midi file

I make the chords good in the midi file ,  the chords are  Always wrong in a normal midi file.

than i see what in  the song must be played , or what not must be played , the easier the Pdf is The easier it is to play.

It means no any midi file i place by my songs is normal and can be used for normal music no

the midi file will be the same as the Pdf file sometimes  the notes are a little bit difficult and i play with you so it become easier for you.

I have told it before when i did my work as a Organ Teats er i always help the students and play with them if it is need so the know how the must played the notes,

And it always help the students to much

and i also try it here in the midi files to help some people . not everybody can read the music so easy

And i hope it help some people , the people never tell something , or ask someting

But ok i hope you understand why the midis i place not are midi files to play the songs with

With one song i think i am busy to complete it at least one hour for a easy song till 3 hours for a little difficult song.

but i told you now my Genos is next to me it works so easy to make the songs how the are now .

The Pdf is really the same as the midi file.

Screenshot (107).png

And again people can say what the want i miss the Tyros series not one second.

The Genos beat them all  the first time in my hole life i never looking for a better machine.

i was always looking for somethings better , and buy so many keyboards synthesizers  Organs in my hole life to much really to much

even The Montage from Yamaha  was not enough for me , some people com-plane about the Genos

Some Bugs or what ever , i really find not one thing that is not good i have the last firm update and everything works perfect and very easy

now i can say this is the instrument i always waiting on , my looking for new instruments is done.

Yamaha makes the best machine there is on earth

but i must say for me personally , som people will think different, but for me i say wow wow wow to Yamaha

Only one thing , i know now why the Genos Boxen not work good the connection from the sub woofer to the Genos is so a bad system a litle push to hard and you can trow the cable away, 2 sets i have sent back , i not can get it good but many people have this problem

and now i have still the computer speakers by my Genos, and i am busy to looking what is good enough for the Genos but wow that is really not easy to find.

But my computer speaker give not a bad sound but i think it can be better with the right speakers.

Wow again i talk to much when i started with writing i can not stop sorry for that  :58:

One thing i must say  i have buy something for my Genos, it will helps me with everything i do on the Genos.

He can make it mush easier to play and control the Genos

Today i get it i must install it but it works by midi  his name is The MFC10 Footcontroller


And The Collor of the MFC 10 is the same as the Genos

I have also a black standard it looking really good and love the look of the Genos.

Working with a foot controller is perfect it can help you with so many things

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