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psr 975 and more styles

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psr 975 and more styles


   here styles psr 975  and  more

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Re: psr 975 and more styles
For this style i must say thank you , wow the really sound great on my Genos.

Some have the same name but the not 100 %  equal, but i find many the are not in the Genos.

it means so many good styles you place here, and the all sound really good on the Genos

And also the OTS wow the sound so good it means you have also so much good sounds of the OTS that you can use in many different songs.

If you not like a sound in the style , place a other sound and the style become much better how you like it/


I have try many styls the really sound good the styles you like the really sound 100% good it means , if you put them in your Genos

and i also think the tyros 5 , you also will have the psr 975 in your keyboard , and the styles really sound perfect

Thank you for so much beautiful styles.
thnk u  so much.gif
#2 - July 01, 2018, 07:58:50 AM
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