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Notation files
Al The music i play here i complete make new.

In the past i have place many  pdf files but i never know of the really good with chords and everyting,

Nobody com plane but , my feeling say sometimes the chords are no good ,

And that is make almost everything i place here new from the bottom/

every song i place i begin with a empty Pdf file

so that i know that it is good/

And also for myself i have now the Genos wow what a instrument this is .

 For me personally he bead every machine i have before.

And the Media about the Genos the best keyboard the ever make[/size],[/color]

A little change and the style or sound com to life

And so as i told you i play now i think 12  hours a day the hole day he is on and i work on something.

Install of a new keyboard is a lot of work .

And i want do it good now so i can find everything easy back, so well in the Genos as on my computer/

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