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Savage, the artistic name of Roberto Zanetti (Massa, 28 November 1956), is a singer, composer and record producer in Italy, among other pseudonyms used is also known as Robyx.

He began his musical career as a singer / keyboard player in various groups such as Fathima and the Pronipoti, Sangrià, Santarosa and Taxi. With the Santarosa, he brings the songs Souvenir and Piano Piano to success, with which he enters the charts and participates in numerous television programs. The first success as a soloist in 1983 obtained with the song Do not Cry Tonight, repeated the following year with Only You, a song with which it becomes very famous in all European countries.

In the meantime he also dedicated himself to the production of other singers: Rose with Magic Carillon, G.A.N.G. with the medley Incantations / Foreign Affair, Kamillo with Buenas Noches, Claudio Mingardi with Starman. In the following years he founded his own recording studio, Casablanca, and his record label, Dance World Attack, riding the wave of the new musical phenomenon born in the second half of the eighties, house music.

Among the numerous productions we should mention the Italian version of a success of the Kraze entitled The Party, sung by Rubix and Pianonegro with the song of the same name.

Between the eighties and nineties he wrote and produced songs for Ice Mc, whose first big hit was Easy, followed by Cinema from the homonymous album. The song Easy reaches the top of the charts all over Europe. At the beginning of the nineties, he produced the first big world hit of Double You, Please Do not Go, which ranks first in the charts of many nations excluding the United Kingdom and the United States, where a group of studios, the KWS, copy the sounds and the arrangement getting success and winning a Grammy as best producers [In what sense?]. Later Roberto wins a lawsuit against them and the court confirms that it was unfair competition and plagiarism. [Citation needed]

After having published some less successful singles under the pseudonym of Savage, such as Goodbye, I'm losing you, Celebrate and Love is death, he decided to abandon his solo career to dedicate himself to production. Also in the nineties, he published on the DWA the first album by Corona, an artist produced by Checco Bontempi who composed the Rhythm Of The Night for her and all the other hits. Then he writes and produces a new album by Ice Mc that contains the successes Think about the way and It's a rainy day. Soon the DWA sound conquers all the European charts, in Italy it is the label that sells more singles in absolute and for three years in a row the Festivalbar uses its songs as an acronym. At the end of the decade Roberto devoted himself almost exclusively to producing and writing the songs of Alexia, launching it throughout Europe, including England.

At the beginning of 2000 he wrote and produced www.mipiacitu of Gazosa, then returned to collaborate with Zucchero with whom he had played in some groups as a boy. Together with the bluesman Reggiano he signs some great successes such as Baila, Ahum and Bacco perbacco. In 2002 he had a daughter called Matilde. In 2005 he decides to return to perform as an artist, and is presented in some important festivals such as Diskoteka 80 in Russia.

In 2011, he entrusted the creation of the new version of Do not Cry Tonight to the young musician Alexandra Damiani; the song will be released later in February of 2012. In May 2014, it is still the Damiani to realize the new version of the hit of Savage Only You originally published in 1984; in the new version, Alexandra Damiani uses (in addition to the original vocal recording of Savage) the voice of singer Tayma.

In 2017 he returns to collaborate with Zucchero for the recording of the single Another story, contained in Wanted (The Best Collection).
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Only You - Savage
Only You -  Savage

In May 2014, it is still the Damiani to realize the new version of the hit of Savage Only You originally published in 1984; in the new version
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Re: Savage
merci Leonardo pour ces informations et fichier qui me me font  beaucoup plaisir . :c017:
ces musiques italo sont très difficile  a trouver !
heureusement que tu es la car la partition est introuvable en france ,thank you
j'ai une musique qui est difficile a trouver en ce moment ,l'aurais tu ?   eddy huntington - u.s.s.r .
merci teddy   :s_bye2:
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