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August de Laat

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August de Laat

August de Laat ( Tilburg , 16 September 1882 - Tilburg, 14 February 1966 ) was a Dutch singer - humorist .

In the beginning of the twentieth century he developed into a humorist through amateur theater and talent competitions. Together with his fellow townsman Adriaan van Ierland he formed a duo. In 1910 De Laat and Van Ierland made some recordings . From 1911 he continued solo. De Laat would record a total of more than 350 songs on the record, including the accompaniment of the well-known dance orchestra The Ramblers . Because of his powerful voice and his clear diction, he was a suitable singer for primitive media such as the gramophone and the radio .

He reached the height of his popularity in the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century. His most famous songs are 'Bring a sun among the people', 'I rented a house with a garden' and 'Brabants volkslied'. De Laat performed in the country with his own family ensemble, with his son André de Laat and his daughter Caroline de Laat accompanying him on the piano. He also formed a duo from 1920 to the beginning of the 1930s with his younger brother Ko de Laat Senior , with whom he also performed for the radio.

De Laat acted as a soloist or duetist regularly for the KRO , but also for the HDO (forerunner of the current AVRO ), the Flemish KRO and the PHOHI (broadcasting for colonials in the Dutch East Indies ). After the war years De Laat acted incidentally; in 1960 he finally retired with a well-listened radio special from the VARA .

De Laat is a great-uncle by the poet / performer Ko de Laat .
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