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Complete Song sets for Yamaha

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Please Read
Complete Song sets for Yamaha
Here i'll post my complete selection of song sets from Scharrenberg.
Scharrenberg is a great company that makes customised styles for  Yamaha Keyboards.
These styles are really great and are much fun to play.
if you are looking for some specific styles from them, please be patient, I will post all i have from them.

Abbreviations i use : T 1  -  T5 = Tyros 1 - 5 ,  LAP = Live Audio Pad (these need to be installed true Yamaha's Yem)

A quick reply or thx is appreciated if you download the files and i would like to ask everyone on this forum to post also
their collection of styles, songs, midi's, notes and Pads on this great forum.
So eventually we will have a great  and fantastic music collection that anyone on this forum can enjoy.

!!! If you also have Payed Premium Customised styles   then please contact me for exchange !!!

Maybe i will post also other Payed Premium Customised styles in the Future. Depends !!

Thx and enjoy the Music.  :098:
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