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Tommy Fischer

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Tommy Fischer

Tommy Fischer (born July 9, 1965 ) is a German hit singer .

Tommy Fischer was already enthusiastic about music as a child. He played drums in a music corps and twelve years on the festival car at the carnival parade. Due to his good vocal response, he relocated to the vocals and later produced a successful cover version of " Sugar Baby Love " by the Rubettes . Fischer is a fan of the 1950s and 1960s. Elvis Presley , Marilyn Monroe and James Dean are among his idols. Successful became the singer with Disco Fox and Schlagern.

The musician Heinz Gietz , who has already promoted stars such as Caterina Valente or Peter Alexander , was discovered by the artist, who is characterized by a powerful vocal volume like a catchy head-voice. After his version of " A new love is like a new life " (interpreter: Jürgen Marcus ) followed in the 1990s the first television appearance. "Tommy Fischer has released seven albums (" Alles perfekt "" Never Give Up "," Pure Madness "," Irgendwann "," 1000 Lichter "," Young and beautiful " And " Silent Night "). Pieces like " Blue Planet ", " Like Astronauts " or " Dream Woman " have become popular favorites in many dance clubs.

In 2014 his danceable versions of " Je t'aime mon amour " and " A word too much " were great successes. The last song was in the top five of the download charts for a fortnight. Tommy Fischer gives numerous live performances in dance clubs, discotheques, city and shooting festivals.

Tommy Fischer is often a guest in numerous television programs such as ZDF TV Garten, ZDF Hitparade, RTL and Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen as well as in the NDR "Aktuelle Schaubude". In February 2015, his next "Dancefloor Filler" appeared " Like a Satellite ". Tommy Fischer's fans appreciate not only the danceable hits but also the honest lyrics and the life stories that make up his songs.
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Tommy Fischer - Weil Du bis
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