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Teddy Parker

Teddy Parker , born Claus Herwig (* 17 April 1938 in Brno , Czechoslovakia ), is a German Schlager - and Volksmusik - singer as well as Radiomoderator .

Teddy Parker first grew up in Brno but came to Bamberg with his parents after the Second World War and the expulsion of the Germans from Czechoslovakia . In 1955 he moved to Munich . During school he took singing lessons. After graduating from high school he studied law . In 1957 he won a junior competition and got a record contract with the Tempo label.

 He sang as an imitator of stars like Frank Sinatra , Peter Alexander and Peter Kraus , using several pseudonyms (Ralph Herwig, Bernd Anderson, Bobby Stern, Jimmy Fields, Johnny).

After the state sex he got a second record contract. In 1960 the first single was created under the bourgeois name of Claus Herwig. This opened his own singing career. In the same year, he first appeared before the film camera in the feature film Schlagerparade 1960 . It was followed by the films I always wanted to be yours (1960) and the dream of all girls (1961).

In 1961 he sang with Leonie Brückner at the German Schlager Festival in Wiesbaden the title musicians of love and in the evening in Madrid . Then he recorded titles with various record companies, until he finally released his first single Muli Mexicano under his now known name Teddy Parker. Then came the first great success. In 1963 the title Nachtexpress after St. Tropez was represented in the charts for several weeks. There followed other titles as well as 1963 another film appearance in the music film ... for the music and the love in Tyrol under the direction of Werner Jacobs .

Then it became a bit quieter around Parker as a singer. At the beginning of the 1970s, he became an editor at the Bavarian Radio as well as a discjockey in the program Club 16 at around 17 . Then he earned another title with the title Like a Charge of Dynamite , which brought him a performance in the ZDF hit parade . He also followed up with other titles , I lost my heart, and in 1972 I took part in the Eurovision Song Contest , where I reached the penultimate position.

Then Teddy Parker began composing himself. With titles like How a boomerang and catch once again with me the singer recalled for a short time in remembrance. Parker continued to work as an editor and presenter.

In the mid-1980s, he began to sing folk songs and had success again. Like every day is a gift , A door is always open or A mother's heart shall never cry , to this day belong to the longings of popular broadcasts. Since then he has always been a guest in various TV shows.
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Teddy Parker - Keine Rose zuviel
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