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Dolls United

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Dolls United

Dolls United was a dancefloor project, which was successful in 1995 with remixes of songs from well-known children's series. Her most successful song was An Island with two mountains from the Augsburger Puppenkiste

The first work of the producers, Sebastian Schoplick, Dominik Stahlschmidt and Martin Meinschäfer, who was the singer of the German rock band Hob Goblin , was a rock version of the Urmel song from the Augsburger Puppenkiste.

After 1995 other bands such as Cosmix or Sandmann's Dummies with dance remixes from other children's series such as Sesame Street or Our Sandman succeeded as a second Dolls-United-Release a dance version of An Island with two mountains from the puppet film adaptation of Jim Knopf and Lukas the locomotive driver . With this title the project reached the charts in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In Germany, the single was awarded a platinum sound record for more than 500,000 copies sold in 1996.

This was followed by the title " Blechbüchse roll". And the album Well roared !, which also included some children's songs without a doll-box cover. For the video clip roll to tin! Was a three-piece showcase composed of a dark-skinned dancer with white hair (Suliman Snipes) and two pink-haired dancers (Gordana Stojanovic and Nicole Ganzhorn). In the other publications, these persons were again dispensed with.

In 1996 we released the Maxi-CD as the last Dolls-United-Release. We build a trap after the song . The versions produced by the Dolls-United team were found on the CD, however, only further back. The first track was a completely different version, created by Tony Catania and Ingo Kays.

In the same year Meinschäfer, Schoplick and Stahlschmidt produced an album as well as a Maxi-CD with Captain Blaubär . On the cover both CDs with the reference "Produced by Dolls United" were advertised. In several songs the styles of various contemporary music projects such as Scooter , Robert Miles or Tic Tac Toe were imitated.

Also in the same year they produced a remix of Hurra, hurra the Pumuckl is there from the series master Eder and his Pumuckl . Similar to We build a trap was used as the first song on the Maxi-CD, however, a version created by other people. For the sampler Bugs Bunny and his techno friends the title Looney Tunes Parade was produced.

In 1998, Dominik Stahlschmidt under the name Mex United, which was based on Dolls United, tried a dance remix of Hey Pippi Langstrumpf in a pseudo-Mexican dialect. However, the wave of the child song remixes was already over at this time.

A new version of the Urmel song was released in 2005 on the occasion of the Urmel theater version produced by Sat.1 .
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Dolls United - Eine Insel mit zwei Bergen
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