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Tommy Engel

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Tommy Engel

Thomas Richard "Tommy" Engel (born 28 November 1949 in Cologne ) is a German musician and television actor. He was known as the frontman of the Cologne band Bläck Fööss .

Tommy Engel is the youngest son of Richard Engel (1903-1974) and has nine older siblings (five sisters and four brothers). His father "D'r Rickes" was a member of the well-known Cologne dialect group De Vier Botze . Tommy Engel's first stage experience was in July 1959, when he appeared with Hildegard Krekel in the large broadcasting hall of the WDR as a doof and dooflinchen.  In 1963 he broke off a doctrine of chimney sweep as a chimney sweep to learn drums at the Rheinische Musikschule instead.

 Until 1970, Engel was a member of several Cologne-based Beatbands. He began as a drummer at The Luckies (1962) and then played with the Blackbirds (1963), before he joined the group The Beat Stones (1964-1966) with Erry Stoklosa and Peter Schütten. He then played as a drummer with the Tony Hendrik Five. With them, he was in the recording studio for the first time in April 1968 for the single There's a Tavern in Town . Their B-side I've Said My Say got intense airplay with the soldier station BFBS in Cologne.

The last one was the studiob band The Hush, which was next to him from Frieder Viehmann and the later soundstudent drummer Dieter Dierks and the single Oh Darling / Look me in the eyes (Bellaphon # 1112; February 1970). Last stop was the Stowaways, which also recorded a single in June 1970 ( Love is called Love / Lucy Lane ). In the middle of 1970 the Bläck Fööss founded, which became more and more popular with their stylistic versatility. Until November 1994 Engel was her front man,  afterwards he concentrated on the project LSE and his solokarriere.
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