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Soulful Dynamics

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Soulful Dynamics

Soulful Dynamics is a band which was formed in 1965 in Liberia and arrived in Hamburg in 1969. They are best known for their 1970 hit song "Mademoiselle Ninette". Their other hits include: "Annabelle", "Birdie", "Saah-Saah-Kumba-Kumba" and "Coconuts from Congoville".

Originally from Liberia, they relocated to Hamburg. Soon after they recorded "Mademoiselle Ninette". By June 1970, their song was #1 in West Germany and Switzerland and #2 in Austria as recorded by Billboard.In  September of that year, they had their African Fire album released which included the songs "Soy", "Down In The Dumps", "Defaliant", "Maria Shanta" and "Babalazi".

In 1976, along with Dorthe, Sonny Worthing, Catherine Ferry, Guru-Guru and the Bourbon Skiffle Company, they played at the finale of a sales convention in Kiel, Germany.

Emanuel Obedekah
Emanuel Obedekah released a some solo singles himself. One was "Romeo" bw "Mama Don't Go" in 1971.[5] Another was "Oh Balutujeh" bw "Let Summer Come Again" in 1972.

Emanuel Obedekah (vocals)
Frederik "Andy" Anderson (guitar, vocals)
Ernest J.G. Clinton (guitar, vocals)
Manfred "Maxi" Free (guitar)
Benjamin "Ben" Mason (drums)
Olu Igenuma (keyboard)
Molley Morgan (E-bass, percussions)

Later members
Alhaj A. Azziz aka Leo Chesson

1970 "Annabella / Mr. Reggaeman"
1970 "Birdie / Louisiana Race"
1970 "Mademoiselle Ninette / Monkey"
1971 "Saah-Saah-Kumba-Kumba / All Together"
1972 "Coconuts aus Congoville / Azumba"
1972 "Coconuts from Congoville / Azumba"
1972 "Nie-Siah / Devil's Touch"
1973 "Funny Funny Monkey / Gama Gama Gooshy"
1973 "Lady from Amsterdam / Zon-Gele-Zor"
1974 "Malakatra / Doctor Man"
1974 "My Rockin' Lady"
1974 "Sweet Honeybee / Uncle Joe"
1975 "Crying Man"
1975 "Mademoiselle Ninette / Annabella"
1976 "Jungle People"
1977 "Mirabelle"
1977 "Shake Shake Shake / Wanna Love You"
1982 "Dying Snowman / Tumba Tumba"

1970 African Fire
1971 Soulful Dynamics
1973 Live Im Studio
1977 Jungle People
1977 Soulful [11]
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Mademoiselle Ninette

"Mademoiselle Ninette" is a song written and produced by Herbert Hildebrandt-Winhauer and originally performed by Soulful Dynamics. It was released in 1970,  and became a number-one hit in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that year and was among the bestsellers for 30 weeks.

 More than half million copies were sold of the single.
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