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Rose Laurens

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Rose Laurens

Rose Laurens, previously billed as Rose Merryl (born Rose Podwojny on March 4, 1953), is a French singer-songwriter, particularly famous for her 1982 smash single "Africa", number three hit in many European countries.

 She was also the singer for the original version of "J'avais rêvé d'une autre vie" from the French concept album of Les Misérables, a song later adapted into English as "I Dreamed a Dream".
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Africa - Voodoo Master

Africa", also titled "Africa (Voodoo Master)", is a 1982 song recorded by French singer Rose Laurens. It was one of the singles from her second album Déraisonnable and was released in 1982 in France, and in March 1983 elsewhere. The version available on the 7" is shorter than on the album, as the musical bridge is shortened and there are fewer refrains.

 It immediately became a smash hit in many countries, reaching the top of the charts. In 1994, a CD maxi of remixes was released, but failed to chart.

In 1993, the song was covered by Powerzone, who released its version as CD maxi and peaked at number 18 in Switzerland and remained in the top 40 for five weeks.
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