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Rosanna Rocci

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Rosanna Rocci

Rosanna Rocci (* 28th October 1968 in Solothurn ) is an Italian percussionist .

Life and Career
Rosanna Rocci first grew up in Switzerland. At the age of four she moved with her family to Italy in Abruzzo . There she and her two sisters spent their childhood. Early on, she learned how to play organetto , which in Italy was reserved for men only.

On the occasion of an event in Germany , Rocci played the composer Hanne Haller and the copywriter Bernd Meinunger , who took her to Germany. So she came to Kempten . First they were produced with their hit song in English and Italian. At the beginning of the 1990s Rocci went on tour with Tony Christie and Umberto Tozzi and became so internationally known. She has been guest in numerous hit parades and television shows. From 1992 she also made German recordings.

In addition to solo appearances and solo recordings, Rocci has also appeared with her husband as a duo, the hit singer Michael Morgan, since 1999. Their first hit was I belong to you , with whom they won the "Golden Muse" at the German Schlager Festival 1999 .
Rocci has been married to Morgan since 1997 and has a son with him. At the end of June 2012 she announced the official separation.
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