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Nice Little Penguins

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Nice Little Penguins

Nice Little Penguins is a Danish band consisting of Bo Feierskov (bass, vocal), Michael Kolster (guitar, ukulele, vocal), Carsten Kolster (drums) and Hans Henrik Pręstbro (piano, keyboards, harmonics, etc.).

The band is especially known for the song "Flying", released in 1994 on the album of the same name.

Bo Feierskov , Michael Kolster and his brother Carsten Kolster have played together since 1983 . First, they were the backing group for the singer Ania Sandig on the single sheet "You Think" published at EMI . Then Bo Feierskov and Michael Kolster played as a duo, while Carsten Kolster fought his job as a drummer in Fenders .

The duo became a trio in 1987 , when Carsten Kolster came along, and the repertoire consisted of a tremendous mix of jazz standards, Nordic folk songs, beat classics, Danish performers and own compositions. The trio gradually added more and more own compositions to the repertoire, and with the response they received from the audience, it quickly became apparent that it was in the direction the group would bet.

On January 1, 1992 , the three threw themselves on the deep water as full-time musicians  , and the orchestra took the name of Nice Little Penguins. The innocent name was a reaction to the aggressive attitudes that characterized the rock environment of those years, and the "penguins" mission has been spreading joy and good vibration, especially Beatles , Police and Crowded House, as a model.

In connection with the free album, released in 2004, the band's soundman Hans Henrik Pręstbro was recorded as a full member. The trio was then a quarter to 2011, where the orchestra for a short period returned to trio size. With the release of Alarmingly Happy , Pręstbro was again part of the group, and according to the band he himself was the initiator of the band's 2014 album Songs .
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