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Martin Boettcher

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Martin Boettcher

Martin B÷ttcher (born June 17, 1927, Berlin) is a German composer, arranger and conductor.

B÷ttcher (on foreign records and articles often written "Bottcher" or "Boettcher", the latter being the correct transliteration of the German umlaut "÷") began taking piano lessons at an early age. But his first passion was flying, and he wanted to become a test pilot. Not yet seventeen years old, he got his military training in the German Luftwaffe.

However, due to lack of fuel, he never went into action.
As a prisoner of war, B÷ttcher managed to get hold of a guitar and taught himself to play it. Following his release from captivity, he went to Hamburg. There he started his musical career with the then Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk, in the dance and entertainment orchestra which had been newly founded by Willi Steiner, and which was held in high esteem in England.

At first, B÷ttcher concentrated on jazz, and he became the number two guitarist in a German jazz poll[citation needed]. He also gained important experience as an arranger for film composers, among them Michael Jary and Hans-Martin Majewski, for whom he arranged part of the music for Liebe '47.
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