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Markus Mörl (* 27 August 1959 in Camberg ) is a German pop singer , who became known as Markus during the New German Wave in the early 1980s. He also appeared under the name Markus M.

In 1982, Markus published the long-range plate ball flashes and rockets . From this album comes the decoupled single I want to be fun . She became a success in Germany and made Markus a popular interpreter of the New German Wave.

We have a lot of fun with the songs , the sound, the fate melody and the small flashlight , a duet that Markus played as the main actor in the Kinofilm Gib Gas - I want to sings with Nena , the studio recording and live performances by Andrea-Maria Schneider (artist's name "Andrea").

After the end of the New German wave Mörl founded the band TXT in 1985 and had a place 4 hit with her with the song Girl's Got A Brand New Toy in Italy, this time in English. In addition, the band released the title Cold As Ice .

In 1987 Markus again appeared as a solo artist and was able to achieve somehow some success with somehow somewhere. This was followed by 1000 candles .

In 2004 he appeared as a participant in a comeback show by ProSieben .

After Markus' recordings from the year 2007 were only available as a download, regular recordings have been available since 2008. They are released by the German hit label Palm Records.
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