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Jan & Kjeld

Jan & Kjeld were a youthful Danish brothers singing duo in the field of the hit .

Kjeld Wennick (born February 3, 1944 in Gränna , Sweden) learned to play banjo as a child and started playing with his father in 1956. But also Kjeld's younger brother Jan (* 27 July 1946 in Copenhagen ) was allowed to travel later and learned also the Banjospielen. Since he was a left-hander, an appropriate instrument was procured for him. In 1958 the father rose and Jan took his place in the duo. When Jan and Kjeld won the two brothers several singing competitions in their homeland, so that they could soon also appear on radio and television.

In 1959 Jan & Kjeld received a record contract with Ariola . It was their first title Tiger Rag , who was already in Germany in the hit parades and could hold for weeks. In the autumn of the same year came the final breakthrough with Banjo Boy . This title reached # 1 of the German hit parade and brought them a golden record and a "bronze" lion from Radio Luxembourg . The song was written by Charly Niessen for the feature film No Man to Marry , in which the young duo participated. Because of the great success of the song Jan & Kjeld in Germany were called only the "Banjo-Boys".
In the US, Imperial Records released a single with Buona Sera / Tiger Rag in 1961 under the number 5568 .

In the following years the duo still had some hits, including a cover version of the Ricky Nelson hit Hello Mary Lou , worked with further music films and went on a regular tour with Max Greger and band. After an evaluation of the top ten placements, Banjo Boy was the most successful song sung by children in Germany.
For my old banjo there was a lion in the summer of 1963, the "Golden" lion of Radio Luxembourg. In the same year the duo went on tour with Zarah Leander . In 1964 the career was actually finished, although in 1966 they again recorded a record.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Jan & Kjeld performed with their old hits at nostalgia shows. After the withdrawal of Jans from the show business, Kjeld founded the music label "Mega Records" in 1983 and signed the pop group " Ace of Base ". In 2001, he sold his music publishing house to Edel Records, was a jury member in the Danish TV talent show Idols in 2003 and supported prominent figures who were to sing in the Danish TV entertainment showtime . Since 2006, Kjeld Wennick has been running a café near Copenhagen Harbor.
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Hello Mary Lou
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