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Hot Banditoz

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Hot Banditoz

The Hot Banditoz are a Latino-Pop- Band  which consisted of the singers Fernanda Brandao and Gabriela Gottschalk from 2004 to 2008 as well as the singer Silva Gonzalez . After the release of the band in 2010, the founding members Gottschalk and Gonzalez, together with the popstars candidate Diba Hakimi, made a comeback.

The group members were selected by their residents in the fifth season Big Brother. The group had their biggest success with their debut single Veo Veo , who went from zero to third in the German charts in July 2004. Veo Veo is actually an old Spanish children's song , which has been played in almost every child's mini-disco (" mini-disco ") in the Spanish holiday areas in the last 20 years, thus achieving quite a high degree of recognition.

The second single Chucu Chucu (El Tren) was the continuation of Veo Veo , also a cover version of an old Spanish children's song, which was previously known about the children's animation programs of the relevant holiday areas. The single reached place 42.
The following mini- disc Mini Disco , published in the autumn of 2004, contained cover versions of most of the titles that have been very frequently played during the last few years of holiday animation programs for children in Spain, such as Agadou , Levantando Las Manos or Happy Birthday (Clap Clap Song) . The album was not a great success and did not get beyond the 52nd place in the charts.
In the summer of 2005 came the single Shake Your Balla , based on the Schlager from 1969 A student from Uppsala by Kirsti Sparboe . The CD reached 5th place in the German charts.

The album Bodyshaker, released in autumn 2005, reached place 42. It contained cover versions of old Latino hits and Schlager - including a dance version of the Xuxa -Hits Ilariê already made by Las Chicas in the summer of the same year.
At the beginning of February 2006 a new single, a cover version of the Backstreet Boys classic I Want It That Way, was released.
In July 2006 appeared a new title called La Cucaracha Dance . In contrast to the rumored rumors on the Internet, this title has nothing to do with the Mexican folk song La Cucaracha ,

 but is rather a self - contained reggae pop number at a fast pace, which reached only 46th place on the charts. In the summer of 2007, a single called Que Si, Que No , released a cover version of Nunca te decides by El Simbolo from 1998. The album Best of Holiday Club Hits , released in August 2007, is one of the first mini disc albums Further compilation of popular vacation clubhits. However, from this first album most songs were taken simply 1: 1. Yo Tengo is a cover of the Spanish hit Yo Tengo Un Cochecito by Teresa Rabal; As well as a new version of El Tren on the album.

In 2008, Silva Gonzalez left the band for private reasons and was replaced by José Valdes . In the summer of 2010 the last joint live performances took place.

The Hot Banditoz in Göttingen (2015)
In November 2011, a new line-up was announced. In addition to the founding members Gabriela Gottschalk and Silva Gonzalez, the popstars candidate Diba Hakimi became a new band member of the Hot Banditoz.  Together with the old producer team they worked on new song material.

 The first release of the new line-up was released in January 2012 at Universal Music's Single Life Is So Strong .  In March 2012 followed the single Canta Mi Cancion . Live with Silva Gonzalez ' I'm a star - Get me out of here! Appeared the single " Get Down on the Floor" , a new edition of Ecuador by SASH! , At the end of April 2013 Gottschalk left the band after 9 years. In May 2013 a casting took place, in which the Hamburg-based professional dancer Melanie Graml was found as a replacement. From June 2013 Diba Hakimi was replaced by Danika Wist. On 28th June 2013 the song Aramsamsam , a cover of an old Moroccan folk song, appeared on the Ballermann Hits 2013 as well as as own publication with the music streaming service Spotify .

At the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Fernanda Brandão, an expert on the country and the people, worked for the ARD in Brazil, the former hot-banditoz singers Diba Hakimi, Gabriela Gottschalk,

 Melanie Graml and the Germany were looking for the superstar candidate Josefina Bucaj as a hot banditaz In July 2014 as a greeting on YouTube the song Oh Le Le 2014 , which is sung only by Diba Hakimi.  The song " Festa Para Um Rei Negro" (O Le Le) was released from the Hot Banditoz in June 2014 on the Sampler Fetenhits Football World Cup 2014 , which also contains singing gigs by Silva Gonzalez.

Since 2014 Silva Gonzalez, Danika Wist and Stefanie Schanzleh belong to the Hot Banditoz. The first single was the song Bouqinha da Garrafa . In June 2014 the Hot Banditoz were awarded the EMMAward as honorary award for their 10-year band.
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Veo Veo
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