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Gusttavo Lima

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Gusttavo Lima

Nivaldo Batista Lima (born 3 September 1989), better known by his stage name Gusttavo Lima, is a Brazilian singer of sertanejo. Known in his country with many hits, like "Rosas, Versos e Vinhos", "Inventor dos Amores", "Cor de Ouro" and gained international fame and success through the song "Balada".

 He is often compared to the sertanejo singers Luan Santana and Michel Teló.
Son of Alcino and Sebastiana Lima, Gusttavo was born in Presidente Olegário, Minas Gerais. In 1999, when he was just 9 years old, he went to Patos de Minas for sing with your brothers, who had a band called Trio Remelexo. When he was 13 years old, he left the band and went to Brasília, where he changed his stage name to "Gustavo" and assembled a double called Gustavo & Alessandro.

In 2009, he released his first album Gusttavo Lima, containing 24 tracks. The song that most stood out was "Rosas, Versos e Vinhos", which reached the first position in a local radio, and it also reached #57 in Billboard Brasil charts. In 2010, he signed with Som Livre label and released Inventor dos Amores, as a CD and DVD, with sales of 15,000 copies. The title track was a collaboration with Jorge & Mateus, reaching #17 in the Brazilian Billboard Brasil charts. Based on this initial success, he released the single "Cor de Ouro" that reached #18 in Brazil. He also released "Refém", which reached #22 in charts.

In 2011, Gusttavo released CD and DVD titled Gusttavo Lima e Você which was recorded live in Patos de Minas, on June 3, 2011 during Fenamilho musical event with estimated audience of 6,000,000 people. The highly popular album reached #7 and was certified platinum The album produced his definitive hit "Balada" (full title "Balada Boa (Tchê Tcherere Tchê Tchê)[4] based on the famous refrain), which reached #3 in Brazil. The Brazilian football player Neymar played a similar role to that he played in Michel Teló's smash success "Ai se eu te pego!" and appeared in many shows with Gusttavo Lima.

In January 2012, he embarked on a first international tour with shows in US Latin markets in Florida, and later on in Atlanta (Georgia), Newark (New Jersey) and Revere (Massachusetts). Gusttavo released his hit single "Balada" in European markets following the steps of fellow Brazilian singer Michel Teló. He also released another live album in 2012 titled Ao vivo em São Paulo, on October 6, 2012 in Brazil
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"Balada" (full title "Balada (Tchê Tcherere Tchê Tchê)", also known as "Balada Boa") is a song by Brazilian Sertanejo artist Gusttavo Lima from his album Gusttavo Lima e Você (2011). Written by Gusttavo Lima and Cássio Sampaio, it was released on January 21, 2011, in Brazil through label Som Livre. The song became a success in Brazil: it reached the 3rd position in the Brazilian Billboard Hot 100.

International fame came when the popular song was released worldwide on April 13, 2012, through label Universal Music. The song became a success in most of Europe, just as Michel Teló's song "Ai se eu te pego!", becoming a number-one hit in Belgium (Flanders), France, Honduras, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands (13 weeks at number one in the Dutch Top 40, a new record).
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