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1= Move in the Right Direction
2= Perfect World

Gossip (previously known as The Gossip) was a three-piece American indie rock band formed in 1999 in Olympia, Washington. For most of their career, the band consisted of singer Beth Ditto, multi-instrumentalist Brace Paine and drummer Hannah Blilie.

 After releasing several recordings, the band broke through with their 2006 studio album, Standing in the Way of Control (2006). A follow-up, Music for Men, was released in 2009. The band played a mix of post-punk revival, indie rock, and dance-rock. Their last album, A Joyful Noise, was released in May 2012.

Formation and early history
Gossip was formed in 1999 in Olympia, Washington, with vocalist Beth Ditto, guitarist Nathan "Brace Paine" Howdeshell and drummer Kathy Mendonša. All three were originally from Searcy, Arkansas; Mendonša moved to Olympia to attend Evergreen State College and Howdeshell and Ditto followed. Howdeshell and Mendonša had been in bands together in Arkansas. The band coalesced when the three members were roommates in Olympia.

In 1999 the independent record label K Records released Gossip's first recording, their eponymous debut EP, The Gossip to coincide with the band's tour with Sleater-Kinney.  The band played at the first Ladyfest in Olympia in August 2000 and was included in Time Magazine's article on the festival.

Their next release was their first album, That's Not What I Heard, released by the record label Kill Rock Stars on January 23, 2001. They followed it with the EP Arkansas Heat on May 7, 2002. Movement, their second studio album, was released on May 6, 2003. In November 2003, two months after the release of their first live album Undead in NYC on September 9, drummer Kathy Mendonša left the band to pursue a career as a midwife. Established punk drummer Hannah Blilie joined to replace her. The band then dropped the "The" from their name, continuing as plain "Gossip".

The first release featuring new drummer Hannah Blilie was the band's next album Standing in the Way of Control. It was released on January 24, 2006 on Kill Rock Stars and later in 2006 on UK independent label Back Yard Recordings. It was produced by Ryan Hadlock, owner of Bear Creek Studio and Fugazi singer/guitarist Guy Picciotto.
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Move in the Right Direction

Move in the Right Direction" is a song by American indie rock band Gossip, released as the second single from their fifth studio album, A Joyful Noise (2012). The song found some success in Europe, reaching number two in Poland and number three in Austria and Hungary. The accompanying music video was directed by Price James.

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Perfect World

Perfect World" is the first single from indie rock band Gossip's fifth studio album A Joyful Noise. The song reached the top 40 in 6 countries with its biggest success in Switzerland, where the album also reached number 1.

Chart performance
The song entered the top 30 in 6 different countries, reaching number 11 in Switzerland and number 13 in Germany, where it was certified Gold for shipments of 150,000 copies.
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