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Layout Musician's Friend - "Artist Centric"

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Layout Musician's Friend - "Artist Centric"
Hi guys,

I just wanted to say that I don't really like the new alphabetical child boards in the Musician's Friend - "Artist Centric" / English board.

I guess the purpose of this was to make it easier to find songs and artist, but it actually makes things a lot harder. New threads for example are now in different sub fora, where before I could easily see all new threads on one page and quickly download all the new files.

Personally I think that using the search function is a far better way to find an artist or song.

I'm really interested to see the opinions of other members on this matter.

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Re: Layout Musician's Friend - "Artist Centric"
I am open for suggestions and really have an open mind.  There is nothing set in stone here and everything here, is subject to change.

But please let me explain my reasons for doing this...... I am trying to have a Forum that has everything to do with an "Artist/Song Style". The concept here , is to have a Site where :

 If you are looking for ABBA Styles, all you need to do, is to go to the "English" Board , click on the "A" child board ( A for ABBA ) and look for Abba. Here,  you will find all the mat'l we have on ABBA in one area. The Goal here is to move all files to one area.

Right now , we are still transitioning over . So it is kind of helter skelter at this time with files kind of being all over the place , but we are working on it !!

You are absolutely correct on the "Search" comment. It is very powerful, thats why I always use it.

If you visit once a week, all of the new files uploaded will be shown "new".

Give us some time to do this and look at what we are doing, with an open mind.  The last thing we want, is to have our members lose interest here..

We encourage all to take part in this thread and please "do not be shy"..... If you do not like something here,  please tell us.


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Wishing you the best day ever followed always by better tomorrows !!

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Re: Layout Musician's Friend - "Artist Centric"
I really prefer the Cssdots layout that lists the "Recent Posts". 
It's very easy to find what I want, consulting the forum some days in the week.
The new layout used in Create Song Styles is very beautiful but  really hard to consult in my modest opinion.
Maybe because I'm a old man.   ;)
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