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Loretta Goggi

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Loretta Goggi
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Loretta Goggi (Rome, 29 September 1950) is an actress, singer, TV presenter, voice actress, showgirl, dancer and Italian imitator.

Born in Rome as originating in Circello parents, second of three daughters (the younger sister, Daniela, then he will follow in his footsteps in show business) as a toddler and Loretta Goggi studied singing and music, great paternal passions. Noticed by Silvio Gigli, in 1959 he participates in the radio contest, Disco Magic Dino Verde, by Corrado with the orchestra conducted by Gianni Ferrio. Loretta wins paired with Nilla Pizzi. In the early sixties he recorded his first song, written by Nico Fidenco, for the remake of the French film Blood to the head; He debuted as an actress in 1959 in the television series of RAI On trial directed by Anton Giulio Majano, broadcast on the National Program.

Subsequently Loretta is in the cast of many other famous television dramas of the RAI in which he plays a convincing characters of fragile and needy girls (often paired with another child actor, Roberto Chevalier, who later became a well-known voice actor) including non Robinson must die (1963) by Vittorio Brignole, Demetrio Pianelli (1963) by Sandro Bolchi, Les Miserables (1964), more and Bolchi which has the role of Cosette, An American tragedy (1962), Crime and punishment (1963) and the citadel (1964), directed all three from Majano, Life of Dante (1965) by Vittorio Cottafavi, in which she plays Beatrice, speaks Mark Twain Tonight and Scaramouche both broadcast in 1965 and directed by Daniele D'Anza and in the episode not they kill poor devils of scripted investigations Maigret directed by Mario Landi (1966).

In these dramas Loretta way to combine great actors like Lilla Brignone, Elio Jotta, Gino Cervi, Andreina Pagnani, Paolo Stoppa, Rina Morelli, Giorgio Albertazzi, Warner Bentivegna, Virna Lisi, Alberto Lupo, Ilaria Occhini, Armando Francioli, Anna Maria Guarnieri Domenico Modugno, Riccardo Garrone, Carla Gravina, Gastone Moschin and many others.

In 1964, directed by Beppe Recchia, it is also in the cast of the drama for children Once upon a time the fairy tale with Arturo Testa and Santo Versace; the same year is also The Adventures of tow Alda Grimaldi team, another scripted television turned to the child audience.

Starting in 1965, having already participated in many television productions, he is also dedicated to dubbing: is the voice of the canary Tweety cartoons of Warner Bros (Gigi Proietti was the voice of Sylvester), and famous actresses like Katharine Ross , Kim Darby, Mita Medici, Agostina Belli, Ornella Muti and Silvia Dionisio; at the same time he deepened his diction studies, piano and singing.

In the same period he started working in the cinema (with small roles) and in theater, in which she plays various performances of Moliere, William Shakespeare and Pirandello.

In 1968, he ventured for the first time with an adult role, taking part as the female protagonist of the television drama The Black Arrow also directed by Anton Giulio Majano and based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, which is flanked by Aldo Reggiani , Arnoldo Foa and Adalberto Maria Merli; the drama was a huge success (with a peak of 20 million viewers), and because of that Loretta comes to great fame.

Meanwhile, earning several scholarships, he graduated from the International Language School of Rome.

Also he plays many soap operas in which is flanked by Massimo Ranieri, Christian, Aldo Reggiani (his partner in The black arrow) and Ben Elkland.

Presents TV specials Meeting with Lucio Battisti, Il Divo Claudio, Night of spring, as well as radio for schools and also it is also a disc jockey at Radio Vatican, also it lends his voice for the Pauline Editions. Back again to sing, releasing several singles with the label Durium such Cibu Ciba written by Paolo Limits.
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Maledetta Primavera - Loretta Goggi
Maledetta Primavera -  Loretta Goggi

Cursed Spring is a song written by Amerigo Cassella (text) and Gaetano "Toto" Savio (music) played by Loretta Goggi. The song took part in the Sanremo Festival in 1981, finishing in second place behind Fur Elise, a song sung by Alice

In addition to the recognition at the festival, the song had a remarkable commercial success. The single disc that was published (matched to the song tickles me the idea) entered the top ten best-selling singles in Italy in the week of March 14, 1981 to the third position and remained there for fourteen weeks, even winning a first position in the week of 21 March. At the end of the disc turned Goggi the eighth best-selling single of 1981, becoming the most successful singer, and certainly his best known song. The song had a great success in Switzerland, where he made it to the second position, and in Austria, where he reached the fourteenth.
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