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The purpose of these midi files

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The purpose of these midi files
Probably, you all know how to use your pa3x to it's max. I'm writing this for those who download these midis and then scratch their heads in bewilderment because it doesn't sound as it should.
Not every pa has the same factory or user sounds that I have so some work may have to be done to get the song playing to your satisfaction.
Here's how.
Load the midi onto a stick and plug in. Got to sequencer and press select then usb and load the midi.
Listen to the song and identify which tracks do not sound right.You can do this best by shift/track and then changing to another instrument. Use the measure button to go to a part where that track is playing. Simply use the double arrow back to listen again.
Go thru each track until you are satisfied with the result and then save(drop down menu)
Now go to song and load again. Now you can play along with the midi and set the lead instruments as you want.Is this enough info? try it with ice castles.
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