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New mail from Deebach

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New mail from Deebach
Got a new mail today, and it can look as if they have found the solution to the problems.
Here is the message:

"Hi Chello,
regarding the problem you have we are now a step further. The problem is that in some PA3x Models parts of the hard disk are write protected. This write protection can normally not be deleted from outside. We are just trying to find out if there will be a way to do that nevertheless. To help you quicker we need to know if you are able to take out your hard disk and connect it to your computer.
If you are able to do that you take the hard disk out, connect it to your pc. Then format the file KHD_system and put the hard disk back to the PA3x. If you now install XMS-Pro it should run without any problems. We did that to a PA3x which had the same problem and it worked perfect.
Hope this was understandable to you."
Best regards
#1 - November 19, 2015, 08:25:32 AM


Re: New mail from Deebach
I have tested this in practice now.
Just to see that this does not work.

This begins to look like a roulette game.
#2 - November 19, 2015, 11:31:15 AM



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