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Distortions = wrong choice of sound / voice

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Distortions = wrong choice of sound / voice
As mentioned before, will styles from midi always give a certain distortion - but there is one exception to this rule:
Modern electronic midi based music.

Most styles come originally from Wave, and has undergone extensive edits after being converted to midi.
It is practically impossible to convert a Wave to MIDI, and get this to work without these extensive edits.
I've tested all known programs, and all generate serious errors, which must be edited with other programs.
This is incredibly time consuming.

To create a style without distortions, it is necessary to know exactly which instruments that are used during the recording, which must be undertaken with midi instruments.

Secondly, you need your keyboard to have these instruments (sounds) installed, and only select those.
Modern electronic music is often midi based and is therefore the best starting point for pure sound.
Older music is thus less suitable, because this comes from Wave or similar formats.
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