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Number of bars for Variations / Mains should be as low as possible

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Number of bars for Variations / Mains should be as low as possible
A style is easier to play, the fewer bars Variations/Mains have.
This is because you are "bound" to follow the beat if you using many bars.

Many manufacturers employ consistent 8 bars for Variations/Mains; which is relatively seldom needed.
This also entails several restrictions on the number of instruments, because the harmonies quickly become erroneous for complex melodies.

All my experience suggests that if the beat "going up" in 4 bars, it will be unnecessary to select 8 bars - in fact, it is sometimes possible to use 2 or 1 bars - although the beat goes up in 4 bars.
If you using minimum bars are you freer to use more advanced chords, and are less bound - it becomes much easier to play correctly.

Finally, it should also be noted that a high number of bars gives a style similar many Kb, which requires more memory from the keyboard.
A complex style which has 8 bars when 4 bars might work can thus have to many Kb, which makes it impossible to install the style.

All keyboards have a max limit for the content of Kb per style and Style Works does not consider this.
For example, both Ketron and Korg has a higher Kb limit than Yamaha.

This is a number that must be found by experience, because the manufacturers almost never provide this.
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